Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Book Bets - 7/2/12

Happy 2nd of July!
Another week of summer reads to peruse between barbeques, 
parades and fireworks, and not a dud among them.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
For all of you who have a fear of the hardcover book, the day has arrived! Local literary sensation Morgenstern’s fantasy masterwork is available in paperback. What if Bradbury wrote a romance? This stylized world of monochrome dreams and fears will delight anyone from teens to seniors, anyone who needs an escape. The prose breathtaking, the invention of a world not yet seen, stunning, and characters are driven by powerful emotions that keep them from being lost in the intricate set pieces. The mysterious travelling circus arrives without warning. "Opens at Nightfall. Closes at Dawn.". Never fear, buying the book is admission. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!
Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand
Nantucket is the backdrop for this tragic summer read of the damage a moment’s indiscretion can perpetrate on the world around you. Hilderbrand is known for his definitive summer reads and with Summerland he delivers one of his best. The result of a drunken evening at a graduation bonfire on the beach results in screeching wheels and twisted metal. One friend is dead, another close, and two other survivors of the crash are unscathed on the outside but are hurting deep within. A summer of coping and questioning ensues as the mystery over just what happened and why that one fateful evening will have you forgetting to reapply sunscreen as you keep the pages turning.
Gold by Chris Cleave
In 2009,Cleave’s Little Bee became a must-read book and a book club favorite. His follow up is certain not to disappoint. Just in time for the summer Olympics comes this story of competition, dedication and sorority. Kate and Zoe are Olympic track cyclists competing for more than just the gold medal, but for the riches only family and friendship can provide. This is why the world watches every four years to watch such souls compete. The two women are equally driven, both with polarizing philosophies on how to succeed. You feel their hearts beating, breaking, their skin sweating as they carry one another through this race we call life.
The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. by Natalie Bernier
Local Boston author Bernier delivers one wallop of a setup. Summer vacation hell; Kate’s closest friend, Elizabeth, dies suddenly and Kate inherits a trunk of her friend’s journals that contain dreams, aspirations and fears. What unfolds is the story of a woman Kate, her family, and Elizabeth’s husband never knew. As the mystery of just who her friend really was and why she concealed the truth is enthralling as you delve further alongside Kate. Long after the last page, this devastatingly honest testament to friendship, motherhood and human frailty will have you questioning why we present ourselves to the world the way we do.

                               Young Adult Release

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour
Sick of every summer read being about paranormal lovey-dovey, magical powers and sparkling vampires? Award winning author LaCour provides you with literary garlic. Take a dash of Glee, a sprinkle of American Idol and a liberal dose of DIY spirit and you get The Disenchantments, a girl band following their dreams before the adult world, perhaps even college, closes down their endless summer. Band leaders Colby and Bev tour the West Coast playing any hole in the wall that will book them all the while struggling with what they will do with the rest of their lives. Friendships are tested and the love of music and its ability to enrich life makes for an awesome road trip. Girls rock!

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